The latest prize bond draw for bond 7500 held at LAHORE on 1st November,2019 the detail of first and second prizes are as follow. You can search winning numbers of prize bond 7500 below. You can check old draw results by selecting draw # numbers of 7500 prize bond

First : 991051

Second : 151742 475376 697356




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Upcoming Rs. $bond Prize Bond Draws
Prize Bonds Date Day CITY Status
7500 1 November,2019 Friday Rs. 7,500
7500 1 August,2019 Thursday Rs. 7,500
7500 2 May,2019 Thursday Rs. 7,500
7500 1 February,2019 Friday Rs. 7,500
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)

About The 80th Draw of Rs.7,500/-

The 80th Draw of Rs.7,500/- denomination National Prize Bonds was held today the 1st November 2019 (Friday) at 9.00 A.M at State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore. Mr. Muhammad Zaheer-ul-Islam, Director (Rtd), National Savings Organization, Lahore, presided over the event.
The draw was held under the system of single common draw and applied to all the 15 (Fifteen) series of Rs.7,500/- denomination National Prize Bonds currently in circulation, namely series "A" to "Q" sold up to 31-08-2019 were included in the draw except National Prize Bonds bearing No. H-249000 which has already been withdrawn from circulation vide Government of Pakistan, Finance Division's Notification No. F-16 (3) GS-I/2004-1731 dated 23rd December 2010 and SBP BSC, Head office's, Circular/letter No. CMD.GSSAD /PBU/PB-10-A 2011-08 Dated 3rd January 2011. Further, it is clarified vide CMD Circular/Letter No. CMD.GSSAD/PBU/PB-I-2011-1630 dated August 03, 2011 and instructions contained in Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Budget Wing) Notification No. F.16(3)GS-I/2004-1171 dated 25th June, 2011, that mismatched National Prize Bonds shall not be eligible for claiming prize money since draws to be held subsequent to above Notification.
The winning numbers as mentioned below have been declared entitled to prizes. 1700 common numbers in all the 15 (Fifteen) series mentioned above are entitled to prizes mentioned there against. For instance, the number which is declared successful for the first prize will get the first prize in each series. Similarly, the number for the second prize will get second prize in each series and so on.

Following is the detail of prizes drawn on Rs.7500/- denomination National Prize Bonds:-

15 Prizes of Rs.50,000,000/- each 01 Prize in each series
45 Prizes of Rs.15,000,000/- each 03 Prizes in each series
25,440 Prizes of Rs.312,000/- each 1696 Prizes in each series
25,500 Total Prizes 1700 Prizes in each series