How It Works

This is unique feature offered for prize bond lovers by for all the visitor and members who want to analyze data by themselves and make a decisions or want to create lucky number formula or routine. This module called prize bond data analyzer is prefect for them. You can used to that to check draw by draw data for different city, bonds and days and can also make even your own guess papers or can impress your friends with your predictions about the coming prize bond draw held in Pakistan. Currently we have added few option and we will add more but we also need your suggestion about further items added in these analyses module. Please use contact button to send us your thoughts and suggestion about this module. If you have problem using this module or find any mistake you are welcome to bring that in our notice. We hope that this new addition in our website will give u better chance to make your own decisions and also to win prize in prize bond draw held in Pakistan.

چلیں سادہ لفظوں میں بات کرتے ہیں

کسی ڈرا پر اگر 2 تیسری پوزیشن یعنی سنٹر پر لگے تو پچھلے پانچ سالوں میں وہ کبھی اوپن نہیں کھیلا اور دس سالوں صرف ایک دفعہ ہی لگا ہے

جمعے کے دن اب تک لاہور میں 1 یا 6 فگر اوپن کبھی نہیں لگا کیوں؟

آپ ہمارے اس پروگرام کے ذریعے ایسی بہت ساری معلومات حاصل کرسکتے ہیں جن سے آپ اپنے ٹارگٹ کے قریب ترین پہنچ سکتے ہیں

Figure Analysis

Figure analysis will analyze the data on the base of figure position we have sub option in that and you can see we almost cover every possible aspects to make this analysis worth

Day Analysis

The draw day which fall on the different day of week , the number system believe that each day has its own combination and significant so we have made this setup to check all the draw that occurs on particular day and then combine this day analysis with different bond and city to make it in more details and easy for you to see pattern which you can follow to earn money online and take decision for you online gold investment .

City Analysis

Each city has its own culture background history and mood and believe me it effect the numbers that appear in draw when draw occurs on that particular city ,So we setup this system to analyze the data on different city base plus city with bond etc to give u clear indication where its going now that will help you earn free online money and protect you gold investment of the future and to increase your funds

Bond Analysis

Of the key is prize bond, which bond draw is you planning to invest your gold money to you want to increase your fund , then you have to analyze all the data on bond wise to get clear cut pattern for coming draw

Year Analysis

Here you can compare year wise result to see how it following the previous years


We wish you best of luck  and we welcome positive suggestion to improve our system

Thanks again