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Rules for competition in formula page,harfakhir ,challenge akra & figure




if you have posted the game that has hit but does not match with our criteria we will still post you name in winner list .

Why Rules:-

our main objective is to force member to post short hint as much as they can so that our visitor can play on them without wasting huge amount in case of hints does not hit on that draw and also it is easy to mange such hint for several other reason.

Why competition

most of member suggested me that such competition will increase fight on site after each draw and they may be right but what my objective is that team should rewards its hard worker and also create a healthy competition  among them so that visitor of this website can benefit from that.

How long this will continue:-

I have no prefect answer for that but we will surely continue that for a period of six month and then we will analyze the result. if result are encouraging then we will be happy to continue with our scheme.

Who will decide who is winner

For challenge figure and challenge akra there is no problem every body can see who is the winner so assume that admin of this website is judge for both these

however the harf kahir final game and best formula we have separate judges which are senior most respected member of this website on which every body can trust they are

Best game on harf kahir page   A.H.GALANI

Best formula posted on formula page Ashfaq Bukhari


Please send me your feed back or suggestion with your username to mobile number 03339958308

Best of Luck







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